The fear of truth

What if you find a book that has all of the answers that you don’t want to know? Would you dare to read? What if then the way you see the world changes? Will you start to see people changing their skins? Will you see your chains which are made of humiliation?

Will you be inside a cage and its key is with a master of your fears? Will you even try to break free? A slave you are, a slave you will be when it falls into the hand of another slave for it is his only chance to switch. Will your blanket shrink then and stop covering your cold feet?

Never mind, you know what is scarier? If the answers were for Yes or No questions and all of them were Yeses. Now, after you read, a mighty door will open before you and strong white light comes out, will you go in or do you fear the light now?

What if?

What if electricity dies? What if places can talk? What if we are the aliens who invaded planet earth? What if opens lots of mysterious doors and those doors lead to mazes of unanswered questions … But it’s better that we don’t know everything, what if we did? If we did, we won’t have a reason to live anymore for our curiosity is far more important to feed than our stomaches.