Power of thoughts

You are a system of beliefs, your mind is the pilot room & the third eye projects outwards the beliefs in your system making reality a flexible reflection. Like a machine, your mind needs fuel of things that motivate you, the fuel determines your destination. Your relationship with your creator & creations feed the virtual reality in your imagination till it emerges with the real world becoming alive. Recreate yourself, your thoughts are either waste of or recycled from fuel & every system needs updating. After believing is achieving. Balance: expand your small self being the better self aiming for the higher self; the piece of God then connect with the universe feeling its energy feeding your inner energy believing in law of attraction, Allah says “I am how my slave thinks that I am, and I am with him if he remembers Me…” Be present to live the present then give back believing in law of karma, Allah also says “If ye are grateful, I will add more (favours) unto you…” – Hanoof Alajmi

Purgatory Scavengers

Angels of torment twisted my spine into piercing beaks, sculpting my fleshy grave & burying me into wasted nothing, guilt escaped the meaty cage digging through with nails & the bloodshed ink soaked the scene like stained motel sheets, torn skin is wearing thin as it gets devoured by clutching claws, edging as the stricken birth releases a cloud of ravens that spreads like dead branches; color of coal coating a prostitute’s eyelashes, stiff but then those flags mock my snatched glittering remains with cross shaped crows that scatter like bullets clapping for the resurrection.

I am a street cat

I am a street cat with a fancy last name but no sense of loyalty or belonging, I run away to the jaws of streets from the warmth of home … I’m astray and doing me kindness won’t make me less wild, giving me love won’t change me to accept that I deserve it even if you get me well groomed and dressed, my sense of danger gets alarmed every time I sense someone approaching me & shelter makes me feel less protected … if you embrace me I will scratch & if you keep me I’ll run away… I don’t want to owe anyone anything, I return to loneliness because I got used to it as a part of who I am & I dont want you to tell me the things you do for me or abandon me one day to suffer pain after being numb as a blessing … my place is not to be a prisoner by kindness tamed brushed with perfume in a house on a pillow obeying the hands that feed me but messed up fucked up swallowed up in freedom keeping my needs caged from turning to a monster that feeds on my weakness … I prefer using my instincts taking what I need from life than taking from you what you think I want for your amusement.


Yesterday I broke two toes today I ran faster than any day … to catch a thief you need a fingerprint that is dull and old, lose the print to push the walls of the box further, its existence is not a prison but a motive to inspire even by fear and agony … freedom is a mirage in an infinite desert but give me empty space and I shall create!

I give up … I give in

My sorrows is a seductive … It feels pleasurable to give in to him … The rush of it when it invades me after being abandoned by every feeling is a drug that expands in my veins reaching for my heart in its clutch … I belong to my sorrows chained by the night no matter how many times I try to escape his love for my pale yellow face. I accept my fate to be yours and I vow to be faithful … I gave up resisting your domestic ways to claim me … you missed me haven’t you?