The stranger

They passed by each other and looked at each other but looked nothing like each other. She carried a Guess handbag in a hand and expensive shoes by Charles & Keith in the brand’s bag in the other hand. She, on the other hand, carried a baby in a hand and in the other one a partially torn cloth bag that has a piece of bread and a bottle of water in it.

The spoiled greedy woman with the powdered nose looked down at this woman who serves people like her to feed the child. The forgotten immigrant who had to leave her home and parents lives alone to take care of a child with no one to take care of her. Whatever happens she is defend less for she is forced to live here like this.

She can’t look back and she can’t look her in the eyes for the vanity might eat her alive, she can’t look up either and she can’t look forward for she believes that nothing will change. “You’ll never be me and I’ll never be you …” Thought the immigrate with sadness even though it should’ve been with pride for they are nothing like each other.

Do you carry your wealth in your pocket or is it deep inside you?

Knowledge and money are two different kinds of wealth. Whoever is rich with knowledge is much more valuable than he who is rich with money. Knowledge can get you money but you can only get knowledge with time and time is priceless.