Fear is the motive

The invitation was blurry, I’m not sure if it was real or a dream. He took me around the world in seconds! He showed me around to see ruins and the seven wonders which were made in his honour as gifts to please his pride.

We went to a cold place with strange looking stones which are chaotically in order, I’ve seen it before in a book. He told me that those stones are symbols; a riddle waiting to be solved. They leave riddles everywhere to the open eyes but that doesn’t mean that those eyes have open minds.

He gave me a paper with an eye drawn on it … It was one extraordinary eye. He told me to face the mirror before I sleep and look into the reflection of this eye. I did exactly that and I had visions in my sleep. It came to me like slides pushing forward. More like still images showing up in sequence; keys and doors mostly.

I opened my eyes to find a figure on the wall watching me sleep … It had a goat’s head and it was darker than the dark and blacker than the night. I went to open the lights but it disappeared before I heard the switch click. Maybe they know that we’ve been sniffing around and they’re trying to make us stop our movie. It was a warning … Maybe we should be one of them.

Awake but I’m still in confusion … What was I supposed to do? What does this vision mean? Who’s eye is this? I have more questions every minute I think about it. Wait … What is this knife doing here? It’s not mine! What is this? … It’s another note …