Sadness is a part of the gifted

Sadness, who walked in the crowds, had an air of mystery and watering eyes. He was appreciated by artists as a muse to be drawn and wrote about. Actors would fake tears before him and public would clap and that made him fade but he still invades his loyal artists.

Time travel

In response to

Darkness expands in front of me and I am lucky to reach what is in front of me … I touched what is there and it seems to be some kind of cloth … I ripped my way out and a coffin it was! What is that … To what world have I descended … Am I dead? Or is this a different place in a different time … I feel sleepy or am I half asleep? Maybe somewhere in between …

A queer scene is playing and my eyes are two blind witnesses … What a blurry scene I see that slowly became clear … Oh my god! I don’t know where from should I start! I see chocolate skinned children playing football with a human skull, I see Indian men saying marriage vows to trees, I see men putting their heads to the ground worshipping a cow chewing on hay,I see a river with books flowing with water and that water seems so red to me … The dominant colour is red …

The most intense red I see is on a woman on the ground looking up to her son as he cried on her bloody dress of black,white,green and of course red. “Umaah arjoki oomi men noomk msh wagt noom!” Screamed the child of misfortune as his voice was the loudest and carried pain more than the screaming raped souls in the war playing in the back like music. I saw the woman’s soul stripping off her body so easily just like when clothes fall off of our shoulders … There was a beautiful angel taking her away but sadly he did not see what I see …

My tears are falling to the ground making splashes and soon enough the scene got washed off and got pulled as if it were made of dust … I stood still and a new scene came to place … I see two men but they don’t see each other … One is a man crying over his dead cat with his eyebrows shaved off and the other man looked French and he was horrified screaming before a cat! What time is this? The setting is off! The sad man is wearing some sort of skirt and the scared man is wearing a wig!

Out of nowhere I see myself, in a younger version … What am I doing here? I look so little and weak … The tears on my little face is giving my heart wrinkles and awful memories … Wait, why are you holding my hand? I don’t want to go back there again!

Why is the scene so white? Are we in a hospital? Who is this man? It looks like … No way it is … Or is it? He is looking at me! Can you see me? Oh my god! Don’t be afraid old man! I won’t hurt you … I come from a different time in peace and … “krankenschwester!!!” Kranka what? … He is pointing at me and a nurse is next to him looking confused with a blank look on her face as he screamed with unknown words. The poor man passed away and I hear the nurses over his head asking about his last words as if he was an important man, the nurse said :”I don’t understand German!” Wait … The blue came to me out of the blues … Surrounded by water in the pool with floating bodies dancing around me in harmony on the rhythm of my heart who is trying to dig his way out of my chest … And that is all I remember officer.