Rap- I live grey

I’m grey, all the shades all the tones all the time
Made to fade, till the bones … Bottom line:
He turns what he touches to gold,
It’s an ancient story as I’ve been told.
I keep turning everything I touch to grey,
As I keep turning my head and looking away.
I’m alive … but I’m also soulless …
Stupid education … It made me think less!
Always in the middle, solving some riddle, counting losses.
Being dead but my life is still going on …
Being around my people … but inside I feel all alone.
Whatever I say or do can’t get enough of hearing that I’m wrong!
I’ve gotta stay strong … holding to the rope … and it’s sad.
Sadness is a very funny word like a short joke or a grey stroke.
It keeps getting better or bitter, it works on both ways
And I’m counting the days, my days, living my ways.
It’s ironic when a writer chokes … on his own words
And Self conflicts … They keep coming out.
I lost hope and it’s sad, those words that came out … They taste really bad!


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