Acting out

“You’re on the theatre now …
Imagine performing in front of the audience.
They’re all clapping for you and yelling your name!”

“Act if you were an apple …”
“I am a rotten apple, the mother of all sins. You will choke on me!”
“Yes, but what if someone found you. What will they do with you?”
“Peel me, cut me into slices and stab me with a pocketknife then dig the seeds out and take them. Then, when they do eat me I will poison them as they try to spit me out.”

“Hmmm … Be a curtain.”
“I don’t want to play a curtain! I don’t want the sun in my eyes!”
“Ok. Be a chair.”
“I’ll be a broken chair.”
“A broken chair … So you are made of wood?”
“No, but I have a tree next to me and I have Artistic paintings painted on me.”
“Why is there a tree?”
“I’m scared … I don’t want it to die… It’s old and sick. I don’t want it to fall or be cut off. I don’t want autumn to happen.”
“What’s in front of you?”
“Sand and stones.”
“Ok. Good. What’s behind you?”
“It’s all black.”

“Be a rope.”
“I’m the rope that is happy to hang.”
“For suicide?”

“Be a door.”
“I don’t want to be a door.”
“Why not?”
“I don’t want to be in the same place. It’s suffocating. I don’t want to be the way and be used for others to reach somewhere.”

“Be a song …”
“How can I be a song? I can’t touch a song.”
“Try … ”
“The song that is hummed in prison.”

“I would run backwards.”
“To the past?”
“To my non-existence.”

“What are you writing in your notebook?”
“If you were me … What would you write?”
“I won’t write. I would draw.”
“Draw what?”
“What am I doing?”
“Dead people don’t do anything.”
“How did I die?”
“Each individual part is separated from the other.”
“In order?”
“It’s a chaos.”
“You’re progressing. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Yes … Same place, same time.”


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