Crazy therapist

“Do you even know why you’re here?”
“Drug addiction and anger issues …”
“You want to recover from the addiction of the effects of the drugs?”
“Yes sir … That’s why I am here …”
“Well, what are the effects?”
“Happiness sir …”
“So … You want to recover from happiness?”
“Sir that happiness is temporary …”
“Who the hell fooled you to think that there’s a permanent happiness?!”
“Look … I will die if I don’t stop!”
“You will die anyways … ”
” … Yes but I want to live a healthy life!”
“So, are you planning to go on a diet?”
“Why not?”
“I can’t let go of chocolate I guess …”
“So … If it rains chocolate, would you stand under and drink?”
“I would rather die drowning in chocolate.”
“Do you like ketchup?”
“I love ketchup, I can’t eat my food without it.”
“What if it rains ketchup … Would you stand under and drink?”
“No way …”
“But you would stand under chocolate … I thought you loved ketchup …”
“Yes but chocolate is sweet … What does this have to do with my treatment anyway?!”
“Ketchup is also sweet it’s filled with sugar and seriously what does anything has to do with anything?”
“You don’t make any sense … What about my anger management?”
“Here’s my diagnosis … You are not logical. As for your anger management … If you couldn’t channel your anger watch cartoon channels.”
“That is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard.”
“Scientifically, laughing defeats anger. Next time come to my sessions for finding logic, that is if you don’t OD. That’ll be two packs of green.

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