“The girl who sees dancing feet? What about her?”
“Oh that wretched little thing she got pulled.”
“Pulled you say? By what? To where?”
“By wicked hands to the under grounds!”
“The poor girl must be under graves fighting ghosts!”

“Where am I?”
“Why you’re on my candy ship princess but don’t eat anything. Can you draw us a map?”
“You mean read a map? No, I can’t read one. Why can’t I have any candy?”
“Hahaha! Silly girl … No! Draw a map for us or else we won’t reach anywhere! Well, candy is bad for your teeth and this candy is poisoned, if you had some you’ll die some sweet death.”
“Aren’t you supposed to be bad? Pirates are bad and they stink! Where’s your hook, your wooden leg and your parrot?”
“I’m Captain White Jam; the man in the front of the ship and behind the helm. My body is perfect thank you very much … Although I’m overweight but that’s because of the candy.”
“I thought you said they are poisoned?”
“They are poisoned for you but I drink poison every morning. Where is my flying chicken? She was supposed to bring me back news. Are you finished with that map?”

She sat there and drew a line to a blue island … “Here you go!”
“Have you imagined the details our little architect? Imagine a river I need to take a bath that is good enough for twelve years.”
He smiled at her with his broken black teeth in happiness.
“Finally! We are here! Hello fresh start, let us start fresh. Later cream waves.”

“Oh oh ehh ehh ooh”
“Blue monkeys! Why are their heads opened?”
“They have ice cream brains and every Sunday they make Sundays!”
“They eat their own brains? Little girl, you’re mad I tell you!”
“I’ll race you to the river! The loser will eat a monkey’s brain!”

They raced to the river and the captain took a giant splash into the water.
“Oooh Brrrr how refreshing! … Hey wait a spring … I feel a fish tickling my feet!”
My donut lips and dancing hips! A mermaid! … I remember I brought a mother here once, she turned herself into a mermaid.”
“What happened to her?”
“The kid before you imagined a hurricane that could turn into a panther and it swallowed her then spit out her tail. I never should’ve brought a family together.”
“What happened to the kid before me then?”
“Enough of this, let’s explore your mind!”

“Well hello there! Just in time!”
“Hello Mr.Clock!”
“Pick a future any future! Here why don’t you turn the fortune wheel? You might get lucky!”
“No thanks you pile of rusty thumbscrews … Keep walking little girl.”
“How about a game of flipping coins? Turtle or Rabbit?”
“Neither you … ”
“Aaaaahhh! The horror!”
“Hey! Stop killing him! … Mr.clock? …”
“No more alarms little girl, he was trying to trick you … You don’t have to age anymore. You can stay young forever! You’re crying now? Well, wisdom comes with tears not with years.”
“Why is my hair falling? …”
“It’s natural for things to fall … It’s called gravity!”

“I hear footsteps … Dancing feet! Singing mouths? Oh my sweet worms! Did you see that tongue cleaning between those toes? The toes are laughing! This jungle is getting deep and interesting!”

“Before we go further we have to disagree on things …”
“You mean to agree?”
“Oh no! What good will come out of that?”
“Alright, what do you want us to disagree on?”
“Imagine things about Politics and traps … Food that will eat you and wild fire.”
“I don’t know anything about politics or traps, I don’t like food anymore and fires don’t like me.”
“Here we go! Now, that we agreed let’s go deeper!”

“Do you hear that? I hear people! Let’s go party! Do you smell that? Something’s cooking!”
“You won’t kill them too … Right?”
“Well … They’re little cooks! They’re doing a rain dance? Why are they dressing like doctors and why are their noses huge and red?”
“Hello little girl! Do you want to try our new soup?”
“Is it good?”
“We don’t know … We’ve been trying new recipes for ages. Have a spoonful!”
“It has no taste …”
“What? It’s supposed to taste like magic!”
“Magic my hairy lips … Stop making this soup or I’ll release my anger to spread on your island!”

“Please stop … You don’t have to kill anyone!”
“Little girl … Cook your fears and eat them.”
With the help of the monkeys, the doctors and the feet they trapped the old man into the boiling pot and cooked his screams in the magical soup, with some ice cream of course and then fed him to the hungry mouths.
They all made a circle around the girl then sang and danced till she fell asleep to wake up on her white bed.


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