The interview

I waited in line to go under … Why? What was I waiting for? I arrived and sat waiting on a bunch of chaotically placed red chairs with weird people waiting with me. They are here because they want to be here but I feel hypnotised. Damn it! It is so hot in here … I can barely breathe!

They looked nervous and spoke with such dirty words that were so filthy to be known by a normal person. This bold, pale guy with weird tattoos and piercings was biting off his nails like those chopped lips were hammers and his eyes were widely opened staring into nothing … He looked anxious but excited.

I was called by guards … I got through two long doors with symbols carved on them, into a dark room with a throne sitting inside … Who is that? He wore a black cape, had long black nails and his face was partly shown, it looks like it is boiling. He spoke Latin, the weird thing is that I understood. I kept looking around, but there was nothing, just an empty room. He offered me a contract of fire to sign saying that he will grant my wishes if I joined his army.

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