You can, you will …

Barriers only exist in paranoid minds,
Inability lays in those who cannot forgive.
True blindness is when the heart is blind
and the helpless are those who do not give.

Those who struggle and take mysterious paths,
Only those are worthy to be called “Warriors”.
The strongest swords are made of knowledge not wrath
and the challenging souls make well designed interiors.

Nothing is made in vain and no space is a wasted space.
Miracles happen everyday like the music in Beethoven.
Even though life is chaotic, nothing is out of place.
Lots can be taken but passion can never be stolen.

In order to live the dream you have to dream!
In order to make difference you have to be different!
Trust in the saying “Nothing is what it seems”.
The worse than being unaccepted is being indifferent.


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